Thursday, 18 December 2014

Activities For Kids - 2014

The kaetoo blog is all about my inspirations and activities, so a lot of the posts that you read here are about keeping small children entertained and happy. This year, I have been playing with a new baby and a three-year-old.

Activities For Kids

Below are the most popular children's posts at kaetoo for 2014. Refresh your mind on what we got up to or try out some of the activities that you missed.

1. Keeping big sister occupied after welcoming a new baby.
2. Fitting a new baby into your family.
3. Ideas for play with a four month old.
5. Ideas for play with an eight month old.
6. Cooking coconut ice.
7. Experimenting on your child with the lying cake test.
8. More experiments with the delay of gratification test.
9. Preserving memories of small children.

Read all of the children's activities for 2014.

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