Thursday, 31 July 2014

No longer a baby...

In the last two weeks, my son has metamorphosed from a baby into a little boy. Sure, he's still under seven months old, but suddenly he's sitting like a champ, pushing up on all fours, wearing size 1 clothing, and demanding real food.

I love the little baby stage so much and it's disappearing. With both Miss 3 and her little brother, I've been making sure to capture memories of both of them so that I can look back and remember when they were little.

Photo A Day

We take at least one photo of each child every day, normally not staged but just of them just going about their day. These are stored digitally, but we pick one to be the photo of the day. These daily photos are circulated to the grandparents and also printed for an album.


We occasionally take short recordings of the children playing or singing and store these digitally as well. We just record on the digital camera and love how much more a video can capture: singing, laughing, non-stop chatter! Miss 3 adores watching herself in these little videos.


Every now and again, I write a letter to the children and store it away. This is a special letter just between them and me and I really should do it more often because it's a lovely way to record how I am feeling about them.


I take footprint stamps every month when the babies are very little and sporadically when they are older. These are tucked into the photo album and are quite adorable (although somewhat messy to achieve as they grow!).


Whilst I don't keep a detailed journal for the children, I do write in their daily photo album when they achieve milestones or do something special. I've found it really interesting to look back over Miss 3's notes from when she was the age that her brother is now... it's amazing how much you forget.

I guess that this Blog is a bit of a journal of them too...

Do you have a good way of preserving memories?

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  1. Love him! Would love to keep him at this age forever! ( not really, but he is so cute!)