Thursday, 29 May 2014

Baby Play - Four Months Old

The baby in our house is four and a half months old and is getting to a responsive, smiling phase of life. While he is still to little to understand very much of what is going on around him, he does love company and short bursts of play time. Here are ten ways that we play that don't require special toys.

Lie Outside

Put the play mat or bouncinette outside whilst you hang the washing or do some weeding. Baby can enjoy playing in a new environment.


Baby loves your voice. Sing nursery rhymes, your favourite songs, nonsense, it doesn't matter. Bounce baby on your lap at the same time or gently move his arms or legs in time, so that he can have a mini workout.

Make Noisy Toys

Make some impromptu noisy toys using empty plastic bottles and a little rice or oats or beads or something similar. Or give baby some paper to crumple. Baby will love the different noises and enjoy looking at the movement as well.

Go For A Walk

Take baby out in the fresh air in the pusher or carrier. Walk to the park, to the shops, or just around. They'll love seeing all the colours and hearing the sounds, and if they're like my son, will enjoy the wind on them (my daughter hated wind!). And it's good for you too.


Cuddle. And look into each other's eyes. Just because you can.

Read Books

Go to the library and get some high contrast or bright board books that have only a couple of words on each page and read to baby. At this age, ones where babies can touch different textures or where you can make animal noises for them are fun.

Have A Bath Together

Run a deep bath and get in with baby. You can both splash around in warm water and enjoy some nice skin-to-skin contact time. Get someone to take the baby out of the bath, dry them and dress them afterwards to make it a bit easier for you.

Look In The Mirror

Baby isn't quite sure what a mirror is yet, but he knows that it is fun. Look in the mirror together. Baby will enjoy looking at himself in the mirror and seeing another Mum or Dad in the mirror as well.

Do Tummy Time

Putting baby on his tummy is good for his strength. Lie down next to him and show him toys, a mirror, and brightly coloured objects to keep him interested whilst he is getting stronger.


For every one of the above, talk about what you are doing, what baby is seeing, touching, hearing. Even when you are busy doing something else and not directly playing with your baby, talk to him about what you are doing to help him immerse himself in language.

What have I forgotten? In what ways do you play with your baby?

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