About kaetoo.

kaetoo is a collection of artworks and washi tape embellishments for your home office, nursery or wedding. Designs are vibrant, cheerful, original works of art hand-crafted by artist Kate Waters.

Caring for your kaetoo canvas.

kaetoo canvases are made of natural cotton on Paulowina wood stretchers. The artworks are created with acrylic paint and are embossed for a textured finish. Canvases are protected with matte sealer and paper backed, ready to hang via the sawtooth hanger. The sealer protects your artwork and makes it easy to care for. Try not to hang your artwork in areas of high humidity or where water will be splashed directly above or below the canvas. Do not hang your artwork in direct sunlight or a source of heat. Notice boards are strung with ribbon and come with decorated miniature wooden pegs to hold photos, paper and other light mementos. To avoid damaging the ribbons and textures, you can use a clean, dry paintbrush to dust your artwork when required. Never use polish or chemical cleaning agents. To avoid stretch marks, always place your artwork on a level surface with nothing poking the canvas from behind. When storing your artwork, avoid environments that are excessively dry or damp. Use pads when stacking canvases.

About the artist, Kate Waters.

I am Kate Waters, the artist creating the original kaetoo artworks and washi tape embellishments in my home studio in Melbourne, Australia. I come from an extremely creative family; in particular, my mother is an artist who takes great delight in exploring new media and methods, and she instilled in her children a love of craft and the creative arts. I started painting vibrant, textured notice boards in 2011 and the range has expanded to bright and cheerful handmade washi tape embellishments for gift wrapping and for the home office.


I am a member of Handmade Cooperative