Thursday, 28 June 2012

In the family

So, last post I made mention of a crafty family. Today I thought that I would share some of the work that my mother, Pat Porter, has been exhibiting at the Brisbane Institute of Art Student Exhibition 2012 over the last week.

First, the prints. My husband is a keen cyclist and was lucky enough to receive these two bicycle inspired prints as a surprise gift in the mail this week.

'Pedal Power'


There are some other gems.

'Ying and Yang Leaves'

'Body Dance'

'True Love'

Pat also had some expressive watercolour on display. Apparently she likes doing the prints more, but I like the watercolours best (although I don't know the title of many of them).


I hear rumours that Pat is thinking about starting an online store and blog, so stay tuned.

Update: Patapan Art now has a Blog, Facebook page and Etsy store.