Thursday, 26 June 2014

Preschooler Play - Recycling Artwork

Miss 3 is a prolific painter. Some of her artwork I post to unsuspecting relatives, some I put up on the wall, some I file, but the majority is in a pile in the play room. Let's recycle it into other forms of art!

First, we made hats for the three of us. These "Indian" hats are very easy - cut the piece of A4 paper that you child has painted on in half along the long edge. Then cut strips around an inch apart along the length of the paper, leaving a wide banner at the bottom. Tape the two halves of paper together to form one long piece of paper. Wrap it around the head and secure with tape.

We then made some underwater scenes with some more of Miss 3's art. First, I drew fishes on the back of one of her glitter drawings.

She cut them out.

Then she cut seaweed strips from a green painting that she had done and glued them onto a blue painting.

And finally she glued on the fish.

Voilà! An underwater fish scene made out of three other pieces of art.

What do you do with your children's works of art?
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