Friday, 17 June 2016

Pattern Challenge at Handmade Cooperative

Over the last month I have become addicted to making felt animal masks for the kids!

As part of the Handmade Cooperative pattern challenge for 2016, I chose to take on the animal mask patterns designed by Donna over at Ebony Shae Designs. The patterns up for trial were the elephant and the koala.

I made the elephant first and loved the way that all of the pleats were incorporated to make a very life-like mask. Miss 5 even wore the mask to the Melbourne Zoo!

Next, I tackled the koala mask. This is so cute and is very simple to sew to, a perfect mask for beginners to tackle.

These were the two patterns that were part of the challenge, but I loved sewing them so much that I wanted to make more. So I made the snowy owl. This was by far my most favourite pattern to sew, and I loved the way that it had lots of felt layers to make the mask more shaped and robust.

Finally, I decided to challenge myself and sew the dragonfly. This one was quite tricky, getting the gauzy ribbon sandwiched between the layers of felt, but it turned out to be very, very pretty (and glittery).

Search the hashtag #hcpatternchallenge on Facebook and Instagram to see what other projects the other Handmade Cooperative members took on!