Thursday, 11 December 2014

Play At The Park

For her third birthday, Miss 3.5 received a run bike and so this year has been all about parks that she can ride to with the baby in the pusher. Hence, whilst our range of parks visited has been smaller this year, we have still been out and about every day (weather permitting) to ride and play. I have shared with you previously a selection of our park trips for 2012 and 2013. Here are some of our 2014 visits.

12 months of parks in Melbourne...

January - Diamond Valley Railway

February - Wattle Park

March - Box Hill Skate Park

April - Furness Park

May - Werribee Open Range Zoo

June - Heidi

July - Branksome Grove

August - Branksome Grove

September - Beckett Park

October - Branksome Grove

November - Branksome Grove

December - Branksome Grove

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