Thursday, 28 February 2013

Toddler Art: 102 Cookie Cutters

I got 102 cookie cutters on Freecycle! Seriously, that's a lot of cookie cutters. We've got letters and numbers, animals, dinosaurs, festive, food, punctuation, shapes, transport, sport, the obligatory gingerbread man, a map of the USA...

We made playdough and tried them out. Miss 2 has a duck obsession, so she was fairly committed to using two of the cutters only. Miss 2.5 was more flexible, but had a tough time deciding which cutter to use. So much choice!

We made some gingerbread biscuits too. I always underestimate the levels of stress that I will encounter when I suggest to the girls that we make cookies. It's a constant battle to stop them from eating the pastry and the decorations, but they do enjoy it so much (perhaps that's part of the problem?).

Chubby little hands are so cute!

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