Friday, 1 February 2013

Weekly Recipe: Jelly Slice

Another recipe from Miss 2's birthday party. This one is for jelly slice from Sew Spunky's Blog. Very easy and very adaptable to all sorts of themes. Just make sure that you leave plenty of time for each layer to set (I did this over several days).

Spray a deep dish (I used a deep Perspex baking tray) with spray oil. Put one packet of jelly and one tablespoon of gelatine in a bowl and add a cup of boiling water. Whisk out the lumps with a fork and then pour into the greased dish and put in the fridge to set.

When that layer has set, mix a tablespoon of gelatine with a cup of boiling water. Whisk out the lumps and then stir in half a tin of condensed milk. Let it cool down to about room temperature, then gently pour it over the jelly layer (I aim for the corner of the dish so as not to disrupt the layer below). Put in the fridge.

Repeat, alternating layers of jelly and condensed milk and letting the liquid cool before pouring it over. If you forget it and the liquid sets, you can always microwave it to make it liquid again (or just eat it and make a new batch...).

When you've done enough layers (I had four of jelly and three of condensed milk, make sure that there is jelly on both the top and the bottom), tip the whole slice out onto a flat surface.

Use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes.

Enjoy :-)

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