Thursday, 21 February 2013

Toddler Art: Rabbit

On Saturday morning, we found a domestic rabbit under our car. She was very tame, so we took her inside to keep her safe and started looking for her owners by door knocking and putting up posters.

We didn't find the owners until Monday night, so we had three days of rabbit excitement. Miss 2 was over the moon and we were lucky that the rabbit was very tolerant of small children.

To give the rabbit (we now know her name is Penny) a break from being patted and fed apples, Miss 2 and I made some paper rabbits. I drew rabbit bodies (they look like unfortunate seals) on construction paper and cardboard and cut them out.

Miss 2 picked three clothes pegs for each rabbit (a great lesson in colour matching).

We put the pegs on the rabbits, one for each pair of legs and one for the ears.

The paper rabbits didn't stand up, but the cardboard ones did.

We played walking them around the room and feeding them and then Miss 2 de-constructed them.

She took great pleasure in ripping their heads off, which made me glad that the real rabbit was taking a rest in the bathroom.

After Penny left, we had a day of misery because Miss 2 had fallen a bit in love with her. She seems to be okay with it now, but won't let me throw her paper rabbits in the bin.

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