Friday, 22 February 2013

Weekly Recipe: Tortilla

This is my mum's recipe for tortilla, or Spanish omlette. It's a big hit at picnics as it is just as nice cold as it is hot. Collect potatoes and onions (for this recipe I used six potatoes and three onions).

Dice the vegetables up, put them in a microwave safe bowl, drizzle with olive oil and salt, and then microwave until soft, stirring every five minutes (mine took 15 minutes).

Then add some diced salami (leave it out if you want a vegetarian dish) and some frozen peas and stir through.

Cool. Lightly beat together eight eggs and stir these through the potato mix.

Lightly grease a fry pan and then pour the potato mix into the pan. Fry until the base is set (read close to burning).

Then put the fry pan under the grill to cook the top.

Invert the pan onto a plate or chopping board and cut the tortilla into slices. Serve with salad.

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