Thursday, 28 November 2013

Preschooler Cooking - Rocky Road

Rocky Road is a great recipe to make with kids because it requires very little heating and is super easy. This is my recipe for Rocky Road, adapted over several years.

Line a baking tray with foil. Get your little ones to put around 200 g marshmellows (we buy the little ones, so that we don't have to cut them up) in a large bowl.

Have them add around 160 g nuts (we used hazelnuts and almonds for this one, but I think that macadamia nuts are my favourite), around 100 g glace cherries and around 60 g shredded or dessicated coconut. You can be flexible on the amounts. Then melt about 700 g chocolate.

Pour the chocolate into the marshmellow mix and get the kids to stir it until well combined.

Then pour the whole lot into the baking tray, spread evenly and refrigerate for several hours.

Let the little ones lick the spoon.

And then lift out the set Rocky Road, peel away the foil and cut it into small pieces. Yum.

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