Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ikea-hack BENNO DVD Tower

I thought that I'd share with you Darren and Peter-from-The-Toy-Boys's effort at creating an Ikea-hack DVD tower.

Darren's DVD tower

Darren is a big fan of CDs and has a reasonable collection, plus a few DVDs. He already had one BENNO DVD tower and thought that an additional three would be a good storage space, but the wall that was available wasn't wide enough to fit four towers side-by-side.

Single BENNO DVD Tower
Borrowed from Ikea.

Solution? Take three DVD towers to your father's workshop and drill holes and guides into both sides each of the upright panels, so that the towers are all attached. This means that instead of having a double thickness of wood, there is only one upright panel for each tower (plus the two on the outside) and you can fit more on a wall. Not to mention it's more aesthetically pleasing.

They accomplished the four tower hack in an afternoon with three towers, plus some extra bolts and screws and a backing board, all sourced through Ikea. The spare upright panel was cut up to make the fixed shelves of the fourth tower.

They also salvaged some extra shelves to accommodate all the media.

Very clever.

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