Friday, 22 November 2013

Materials and Techniques - 'Little Waves'

It's always fun to learn about different techniques for crafting. Each fortnight, I talk with another artist to find about the materials and techniques that the use in the creation of their products. Today I am with Clare, who is a fellow Handmade Cooperative member. Based Perth, her store Little Waves, sells silver and gold jewellery.

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum) with three daughters (aged 6, 4 and 2) and a FIFO (fly-in-fly-out) husband. I have been working as a manufacturing jeweller since 1997 and now work from my home workshop in the northern suburbs of Perth.

What materials and techniques do you like to use? 

I work mainly with solid 925 sterling silver and solid 9ct yellow gold. Silver is my most popular but gold is nicer to work with (silver can be a fickle lady sometimes!). I am involved in the whole creative process, from sketching the design to melting down the metal, rolling it flat, cutting out the shape and stamping the personalised text on it.

What challenges have you faced in the creative process? 

My main challenge has been just getting my name out there, letting people know what I do! I have found Facebook to be my best advertising asset.

What drives you to create? 

I have always been creative, but really found my niche when I was in my high school jewellery class!

I started my business because I could no longer work in the big workshops in the city, the hours plus the commute just doesn't fit with being a Mum!

What is coming up next?

More new collections! I am hoping to grow my business to a point that I won't have to return to the city once my girls are older, this will be my full time job.

All images have been provided by Clare of Little Waves.

There is a range of more materials and techniques interviews covering all sorts of crafts. If you would like to share your creative process, please get in contact.

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