Thursday, 17 October 2013

Preschooler Art - Underwater Picture

An underwater mixed media picture for preschoolers.

We collected some aquatic themed stamps, fish stickers, a star biscuit cutter, a rolled up sponge and a sponge cut out in the shape of a fish to make an underwater picture.

The stamps went on first.

The girls dipped in paint the cookie cutter to make starfish, the rolled sponge to make shells, and the cut sponge to make fish. Then they added seaweed with paintbrushes and crabs with their hands. And topped the whole lot off with some fish stickers.

So many different techniques for making a picture and think about the different creatures that live in the sea.

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  1. That's super creative. I love they way you rolled up the sponge. Each Friday I have an Entertaining and Educational blog hop and would love it if you stopped by to link up.


    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks, it was lots of fun. I'll drop by your Blog and check it out!
      - Kate

  2. I just love how those rolled sponges worked. They could be shells or even snails. I also love the color scheme you use. Very ocean-y. :)

    1. Thanks, Kirstylee, I'm glad you like the sponge idea.

      Just dropped by your Blog, it's fantastic.

      Thanks for visiting.