Thursday, 10 October 2013

Preschool Art - Playdough Monsters

The girls have been really enjoying playdough lately. I've posted previously the recipe for playdough and we've been teaming it with some coloured icy-pole sticks, plastic beads and googly eyes.

This is real free-form play, with each child getting a ball of dough to then sculpt into whatever their imagination dictates.

Miss 3 has a definite purpose to her creations and a planned location for each addition. What Miss 2.5 lacks for in planning she makes up for in enthusiasm and frequently ripping everything out to start again.

They have constructed some fabulously cute monsters over the last few weeks:

 This is the first post where I've officially had a preschooler in the mix, but lots of toddler art, cooking and play posts are also up here. Have a read.


  1. I love the playdough monsters! It's funny how just adding a couple of simple things to the mix can bring on whole new creations! :)

    1. I know, playdough is good like that!