Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Moving House - Weeks Five and Six

I have been slack in updating you about how our house renovations are going. We had the whole house rewired and networked, which made an awful lot of mess and meant that the interior was pretty much out of bounds for two weeks.

In the meanwhile, Darren and our neighbours from our old house dug a trench along the fence and lined it with chicken wire, before refilling it. This should slow down our dogs' attempts to visit the new neighbours.

I attacked the out-of-control roses a bit more. My neighbour, obviously not feeling used enough after taking four loads of green waste to the tip and digging a trench, came over to help me devise devious plans for removing roots.

Miss 1.5 is exploring all the new parks.

And now we are plastering and sanding and prepping for painting in our last week before the official move! It's not going to be finished before we move, or for another 5/10/500 years, but it's going to be home!

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