Thursday, 1 November 2012

Washi on madeit

I bought some washi tape from 'The Stationery Room', because I wanted to decorate my boring bedside lamp. But *somehow* I bought a few extra rolls, which is okay because I have lots of ideas of how to use them.

Of course, there are many Australian artists far more talented than me on madeit who use washi tape in all sorts of creative ways. Cards and gift tags are the obvious things to make and when they're done well, like these ones from Made At Number 27 that also use embossing, stamping and twine, the results are so bright and cheerful.

Set of three thankyou cards by Made At Number 27.
 Ink. Paper. Cloth. puts washi tape on clothes pegs, which is very, very cute (especially since I have a fondness for red).

Decorated clothes pins by Ink. Paper. Cloth.

Washi paper is just as fun as tape and can be used to make beautiful jewellery. Mikano World makes fantastic drop earrings sealed with resin.

Japanese design resin earrings by Mikano World.

Norita Designs creates lovely pendants with washi paper - this one has a floral pattern etched on the back.

Midnight garden pendant by Norita Designs.

And, as a reminder that Christmas is sneaking up on me, Chie No Wa makes beautiful origami cards out of Yuzen washi paper.

Origami Christmas Tree Card by Chie No Wa.