Thursday, 19 December 2013

Toddler Play - At The Park

As much as I love arts and crafts, getting outside with children is a fantastic way to burn up their energy and get some fresh air and sunlight. These days, we have a sandpit and trampoline for home-based outside play, but we still go to the park every day (weather permitting) to have a run around. Last year, I shared with you a selection of our park trips for 2012. Here are some of our 2013 visits.

12 months of parks in Melbourne...

January - Fulton Reserve

February - Orchard Grove Reserve

March - Blackburn Lake

April - Branksome Grove

May - Beckett Park

June - Wattle Park

July - Furness Park

August - Aranga Rserve

September - Queens Park

October - Marie Wallace Park

November - Holland Road

December - Orchard Grove Reserve

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