Thursday, 5 December 2013

Preschooler Art - Reindeer Christmas Cards

I saw Meredith of Dee Dub Designs blogging over at bespoke about the reindeer Christmas cards that she made with her baby and though that they would be fun, if not messy, to adapt to preschoolers. So one day we spread newspaper on the kitchen floor and put some brown paint on a ice cream container lid and the girls make some footprints on pieces of coloured paper.

Apparently there is little that is more fun than being allowed to stand in paint and then walk it around the house. Have a little water in the bathtub ready for washing feet.

After the prints had dried, we cut them out of the paper.

Next we set up on the table with googly eyes, pompoms, pipe cleaners, glue and tape. The girls stuck eyes and noses onto the footprints with the glue.

Then Misses 2.5 and 3 taped the pipecleaners onto card and glued on the footprints.

The result? Some very cute, DIY reindeer Christmas cards!

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