Friday, 6 December 2013

Materials and Techniques - 'Imogen's Angels'

The exiting thing about the handmade craft world is that there are so many different artists creating so many different pieces using so many different skills. Every fortnight I chat to a different creator about the materials and techniques that they use in their work. Today I am talking to Fiona from Imogen's Angels. Fiona is based in Perth, Western Australia and is a fellow member of the Handmade Cooperative.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Fiona and I create over at Imogen’s Angels. Imogen’s Angels began in 2011, with our handmade personalised Christmas ornaments. It has since grown into a labour of creative love in memory of my daughter Imogen. On the Imogen’s Angels blog, I share kid’s craft activities and tutorials. This year Imogen’s Angels expanded with the introduction of a laser cutter machine, which allows to me to cut or engrave a wide variety of mediums including wood, acrylic and metals. I not only use the laser cutter to reproduce my ideas, but provide the option of custom work for other handmaidens and corporate businesses. My goal for Imogen’s Angels is to provide a creative online location to celebrate creative craft and to be able to use my laser cutter to enable myself and other businesses a venue to bring their ideas to reality.

What materials and techniques do you like to use?

Over the years I have worked with a multiple range of mediums, though I’ll never forget the excitement I had when I first went along to the demo of what a laser cutter could produce. I love that you can digitally draw your own designs and then produce an actual tangible item to share. My favourite material to process through the laser cutter is a bamboo veneered plywood as I simply love the different natural markings in the veneer that show through.

What challenges have you faced in the creative process?

I think the biggest problem has been trying to find my own niche. I believe it’s important to set your business up to be a business with a difference. A difference that the local and wider community need and are interested in. It is also important to remember that a small business never stops growing and changing, I go to bed every night with a million new ideas and awake with a million more, it’s all about filtering those ideas into something that will make your business stand out amongst the others.

What drives you to create? 

My creating began purely from a place of grief; I needed something to help fill the huge void after the loss of my daughter. My Imogen loved to be creative and now I create to stay connected to her.

What is coming up next?

We are once again producing a new style personalised Christmas ornament, working on shop stock and custom orders and looking to begin creative art classes for kids and adults in Perth in early 2014.

All images have been provided by Fiona of Imogen's Angels.

Catch up on the whole materials and techniques series, or leave me a message if you would like to let us know about the skills that you use to make your creations.


  1. I loved reading this and look forward to seeing many more creations on your laser cutter!

    1. Thanks, Ruth. These are Fiona's creations, but I think that they're fantastic too :-)