Friday, 17 May 2013

Weekly Recipe: Tuna Inari

My fantastic workmate's other half caught some tuna on the weekend and gave some to us. Yay! I firstly thought that I would make a tuna and bean salad, but at the last minute wavered and with Darren's support switched to tuna inari.

I marinated the tuna in soy sauce for about an hour and then grilled it. I'm sure that raw would be lovely, but doesn't really suit two year olds.

I cooked up one and a half cups of sushi rice in the rice cooker and then cooled it on the bench with a seasoning made of mirin, rice wine vinegar and a little sugar. When cool enough to touch, Miss 2 stirred in a grated carrot.

Inari pockets are fried tofu in a sweet sauce. I opened up the inari pockets gently (Oh! Look how long my nails are! No good for netball...).

Then Miss 2 stuffed the inari with the rice...

... and I put in some slices of green capsicum and a squirt of Kewpie mayonnaise...

... and added in the tuna.

Miss 2 sprinkled rice seasoning (nori, seasame seeds, dashi and other goodies) over the top and we ate it with soy sauce and wasabi.

Thank you, Paul!

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