Thursday, 30 May 2013

Turns out that ceilings and floors keep the heat in

Our bathroom renovation has started! Hooray! After six months of bathing Miss 2 in a plastic shell from Bunnings and negotiating a hot water service that operates on scalding or not-at-all, we have decided to cancel our overseas trip to a wedding for our friends (sob) and instead pay to have the bathroom renovated.

The bathroom started off looking stylish with lovely red wallpaper and some great mobility handrails...

It didn't take the builder long to rip everything out, including the wall into the hallway and a cupboard since we are making the bathroom larger. Check out that wasp's nest.


Until by the end of day one there was no ceiling or floor.

That was last Wednesday night. And of course that Thursday morning was the coldest that we've had in Melbourne this year. Wow! The house was like an iceblock. The plumbing went in, as well as the carpentry.

And the wiring.

Next the bath and shower base went in and a hole was punched through the kitchen since the doorway to the study no longer existed.

A new hot water system went in and although we haven't showered with it yet, the laundry and kitchen are working much better now. Hurrah!

[Side note - we have a second toilet, but are currently showered in a hired shower which has instantaneous hot water and runs off the hose. I tell you what, if I'd know how good a hired shower would be, I would have got one six months ago. There's a lot to be said for constant temperature and pressure and going outside isn't really a big deal when you are missing a ceiling and a floor and the inside of your house is ambient with the outside world.]

And finally today, over a week later, we have plasterboards. Should be much warmer tonight.

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