Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Finders Keepers

On the weekend, Miss 2, Darren and I went to The Finders Keepers Melbourne in the Royal Exhibition Building, which is a big biannual art and design market getting around Australia and New Zealand.

A good number of the store holders were familiar names from Madeit and Etsy. I'm on online seller and shopper, but there is something good about being able to see creations in person.

We bought two pairs of tights from the clearance sale of last season's stock at Tightology and some very beautiful wedding presents from Hayden Youlley Design and Angus & Celeste. We didn't buy a lot of other things - Miss 2's distracting influence had a lot to do with that! Darren really liked the Juke Cases - upcycled suitcases turned into portable audio systems created by Son Valise.

There was a lot of jewellery at Finders Keepers, as well as a surplus of cards and baby and adults clothing. The Oxfam Shop was also there, which I though was really very strange because although I'm a big fan of Oxfam and free trade and all that they do, they are an organisation rather than independent artists and designers promoting their creations....

There was a food and music as well. We had an actually reasonably priced lunch next to the stage where Lauren Moore was playing. Lauren had accumulated a little mosh pit of toddlers who thought that acoustic guitar was great. Miss 2 joined the worship.

A lovely morning out. The Finders Keepers will be back in Melbourne in October, as well as Sydney in May/June and December and Brisbane in July and November (dates here). Do go and check it out.

Did you go to The Finders Keepers Melbourne? What did you find there?

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