Thursday, 18 April 2013

A House Update

The last time that I wrote about our house renovations, we had just finished Miss 2's room, complete with fresh paint and carpet. Since then, Melbourne was in a heat wave, not unusual for February but nine days in a row above 30 degrees in March was extremely ridiculous and not at all conducive to painting. So instead we got going on the garden.

The digger from the agi installation had left the lawn in a dust-bowl-like state, so at the beginning of March we hired a rotary hoe and dug up the entire garden. We purchased 15 cubic metres of dirt and mixed that through the original dirt and then let it all sit for a couple of weeks.

The chickens were relocated into a new, larger home, which cheered them up immensely.

We shaped the garden beds and then planted tall fescue grass seed in the front and back lawns. And watched with interest to determine whether pigeons in the front yard would be more detrimental to germination than dogs in the back yard. It turns out that pigeons are worse than dogs, and ants steal grass seeds (I thought that they thought that they were eggs and were stockpiling them, but my friend Kathryn says that they are eating the seeds - boo!). We sowed another round of grass after the first one had germinated.

I decided to get some plants in before winter, so we put wire a long the side fence and planted native creepers against it, as well as putting citruses and pansies along the front of the house and starting planting natives in the front garden.

And it did cool down eventually! So I got out the paint and finished the trims in the sun room and the laundry. I just have to trim the little hallway between rooms and then we are ready to attack the dining room.

Follow the Moving House and Renovating House tags to see the history of our house renovations.

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