Thursday, 2 August 2012

Mr D, a photo a day, and toddler art

On Tuesday morning, my brother and his wife welcomed their first child, a little baby boy, Mr D, who looks just like my brother. Yay! I'm looking forward to visiting them in Mount Gambier and meeting my new nephew, but not looking forward so much to the six hour car ride with Miss 1.

When I was pregnant, my sister-in-law gave me a lovely 365 day journal. When Miss 1 arrived we took a photo of her every day and kept a diary of her achievements and put it in the book. It was a great idea and the presentation was lovely, but the journal wasn't really designed for having 365 photos stuck in it and is now bulging somewhat.

Miss 1 is now one year and 196 days old and we're still taking a photo of her every day, which is a pain on days that I work, but otherwise fantastic. Although I suspect that we've now committed to doing this for all future children too... I just received my latest update of 174 prints and although the 2012 boring spiral bound photo album isn't as pretty, it is designed to comfortably hold a whole lot more photos.

The prints arrived in duplicate (even though we only ordered one copy), so my family can expect a selection of photos heading their way.

In crafty news, I found a Blog post where a lady named Kara made a sticky window and thought that it would be fun for the "twins". It's a sheet of contact stuck to a window so they can be artistic sticking, well, anything to the window. My sticky window wasn't terribly neat, because I set it up with the help of the "twins". I cut up coloured paper for our window, and fished out some animal shapes and some stars that I had in the craft box as well.

Miss 1 was instantly hooked. Miss 1.5 gave it a go, tried (unsuccessfully) sticking things to the regular window, and then decided that it was more fun to pull things off the sticky wall.


A week later and the contact is holding up very well (i.e. is mysteriously not covered in dog hair!). Miss 1 has been playing with it every day, cousin Mr W has had a go, and I caught Miss 1.5 playing there this morning (although she escaped before I could find the camera).


  1. Lovely photos and a great idea!

    I wondered if you'd kept up with the photo-a-day. Such a lovely momento :)

    x Laura

    1. Yeah, it's fun to look back and see the changes.