Sunday, 5 August 2012

Broken easel

For her birthday six months ago, Miss 1 received an easel with a magnetic blackboard on one side and a whiteboard with a big bulldog clip on the other side from my parents, as well as a table and chairs from her aunt. We set up the living room so that she can always draw. On the table there is always paper and washable crayons and textas within reach, as well as a craft box, playdough and paint brushes on the shelf. I keep the paint in the laundry, it's washable but a little too fun for use without supervision. The easel has chalk, a duster and a magnetic alphabet (all from Darren's parents) and blank newsheet clipped to the back. This is what it looked like when I got up this morning.

The drawing area is one of her most loved (close to her bookcase, but far behind being outside) and she and Miss 1.5 play there every day. Both the table and easel have been subjected to "accidental" drawing/painting (Miss 1.5 likes to draw inside the easel, for reasons that I have yet to discern).

But last week, the leg of the easel snapped at a knot in the wood. Devastation. Darren took the easel and the transaction details back to Windmill and they identified that there was a similar knot on another leg. They went out the back and checked all the others that they had and gave him a replacement with the least knots. They were great and the "twins" were ecstatic to have the easel back again. Miss 1.5 has promptly dedicated herself to replacing the decoration on the inside.

So, I know that "buy handmade" is a great and all, but also, support small Australian business. Especially fantastic toy shops that have real, educational toys, wonderful customer service, and no Dora The Explorer in sight.


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