Friday, 17 August 2012

In the kitchen - Round-up 10-16 August

Things that I learned this week: kneading dough is hard work.

On Friday 10th, I decided to make a double batch of ruskie pierogi (potato and cheese dumplings), from the recipe in the SBS 'Feast' magazine, for dinner. This was a good idea because they were delicious. It was a bad idea because it took me two hours to make the dumplings (the entire toddler nap time, plus more) and I am severely out of practice kneading dough. When I rang Darren to complain, he pointed out that we have a dough hook on the mixer... Anyway, yum!

Ruskie pierogi.

On Saturday 11th, Darren cooked some lovely rock ling in a herb batter, shallow fried, with chips and salad for us. I think that he combined a few recipes to do it and it worked out very, very well. 

On Sunday 12th we were lucky enough to have Gill cook dinner for us (thank you!), but I did make some pseudo-crepe complete for lunch, using my vague crepe batter recipe (some flour, eggs, milk and salt, in a blender) with egg, ham, dill and cheese filling. Miss 1 is very impressed with these.

Pseudo-crepe complete - pre-folding.

I invited myself over to dinner at Kat and Marc's house on Tuesday and they made a lovely dinner (thank you!). I'm feeling pampered.

On Wednesday 15th, I made a mushroom risotto again, but this time added feta cheese (and omitted the nuts and roquet) and had a side salad of cucumber, radish, roquet, tomato and carrot with a lemon and sugar dressing. Miss 1 ate way too much and followed up with yoghurt and strawberries, and subsequently a tummy ache and screaming all night long.

Last night, Thursday 16th, I slow-cooked a lamb tagine with peas and lemons (preserved lemons that I bottled last year) from 'A Little Taste Of Morocco'. Slow-cooking is good because I can make dinner during nap time and put it on the stove and then not have to worry about navigating toddlers and cooking. I added spinach, pumpkin and sweet potato and served with cous cous and sultanas. I do like a good tagine!

Lamb tagine with peas, lemons, pumpkin and spinach.

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