Thursday, 26 July 2012

Toddler cooking

I found this recipe for museli bars on a few months ago and found it to be very flexible (i.e. I can substitute ingredients willy-nilly and it all works out fine) and a big hit. I decided that we needed another batch, so the "twins" and I raided the pantry. We found rolled oats, dessicated coconut, flaked almonds, pepitas, sesame seeds, dried cranberries, sultanas, honey and butter (I never add the sugar) - perfect.

Miss 1 and Miss 1.5 carefully measured out the dry ingredients.

Then they mixed them (and taste tested).

Whilst I did the hot stuff, they continued "cooking" with black beans, rice, rolled oats, pasta and sago.

At the end, Miss 1 had consumed a substantial amount of the dried pasta and uncooked rice; they had both beaten each other over the head with a wooden spoon; Miss 1.5 had taken up yelling "hey, hey, hey" (I'm obviously overusing that); and the kitchen looked like a mischief of rats had emptied the pantry onto the floor.

We swept up and sat down to afternoon tea. Anyone for a serve of tasty museli bars, with extra rhinovirus?

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