Friday, 6 July 2012

Planning canvases

I've been working on a new canvas over the last week, which was just finished on Wednesday night. It's a personalised notice board for a little boy, a bit stylised and, dare I use the word (?), whimsical. I like the way it's turned out; it's rather cute.

'Blue, Boy'

Yesterday I started the female counterpart to this canvas, which is going to be very similar, but in pink.

I have another blank canvas under the desk in my bedroom and I'm wondering what to do next. Perhaps continue the animal theme that I started with 'Green, Elephants'? I think that a fox could be nice, or maybe a family of ducks...

Or perhaps move on to a nursery rhyme theme? My husband is quite in favour of Hey, Diddle Diddle... What do you think?

In other news, my cousin Jessie McLennan has an exhibition at the Meeniyan Art Gallery that starts today, with the opening this Sunday. She's a figurative sculptor who works with clay, plaster and a bit of bronze.

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