Friday, 17 October 2014

Caring for your kaetoo canvas

kaetoo canvases are acrylic paintings on canvas, sealed with a matte finish. The sealer protects your artwork and makes it easy to care for. There are a few additional steps that you can take to keep your artwork looking gorgeous.

Avoid humidity
Try not to hang your artwork in areas of high humidity or where water will be splashed directly above or below the canvas. Humidity will cause mould and mildew. Severe changes in humidity also cause the canvas to slacken and tighten on the stretchers, cracking the paint. The bathroom and kitchen are not great places for canvas art.

Avoid heat
 To reduce fading, do not hang your artwork in direct sunlight or over a radiator, fireplace or other source of heat. Again, changes in heat can cause expansion and contraction of the canvas and paint.

Remove dust and lint
To avoid damaging the ribbons and textures, you can use a clean, dry paintbrush to dust your artwork when required. Never use polish or chemical cleaning agents.

Store carefully
 To avoid stretch marks, always place your artwork on a level surface with nothing poking the canvas from behind. When storing your artwork, avoid environments that are excessively dry or damp, such as attics, basements and concrete floors. Use pads when stacking canvases.

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