Thursday, 16 October 2014

Baby Play - On The Move

My son is mobile now, chasing me when I leave the room and getting into his sister's things. So, it must be baby-proofing time.

My baby-proofing strategy is perhaps a bit unorthodox. Instead of removing all of the child-dangerous things from reach, I actually leave them (within reason... sharp razor blades are usually out of reach). We do have a baby gate on the kitchen, but that's actually to keep the dogs out rather than the children.

Instead, I adopt a policy of following the baby around the house and gently dissuading them from things that they are not allowed to touch. So, for example, yesterday young Master Trouble-pants was investigating the dog water bowl. And I kept telling him that it wasn't for him and turning him away from it. The plan is that he will learn that somethings are for him to touch and play with and somethings just are not. And hopefully he learns this faster than if he were allowed free reign over a perfectly safe space. It's harder work for me, but it worked very well for Misses now-3.5 and 4, so I'm hoping that it will be just as good for him.

What is your baby-proofing strategy? What works for you?

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