Friday, 26 September 2014

Materials and Techniques: Gorgeous - Jewellery By Carly

Exploring different crafts is so interesting. There are loads of new skills to learn and people to meet. Each fortnight I speak with a creative about the materials and techniques that they use in the creation of their products. Today I am talking to Carly from New South Wales. She makes jewellery for her label, Gorgeous – Jewellery by Carly.

 Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi my name is Carly and I live in Northern NSW with my husband, 1 and a half year old daughter Scarlett and our Beagle named Ala. I’m the owner and designer of Gorgeous – Jewellery by Carly. I love all things handmade which inspired me to start a local handmade boutique market in our town, where I showcase my work with other local artists and indie designers.

What materials and techniques do you like to use?

I started out using handmade porcelain beads made by my aunty in Adelaide, since then I’ve expanded into other avenues, experimenting with resin, fabric and wood. I love finding and learning new techniques. I don’t really have a favourite material to use as I enjoy each one, and I go through stages of what I’m into at the time.

What challenges have you faced in the creative process?

I’d say the main challenge is getting your name and products out there. For me now a stay at home mum, this is my source of income to help support my family. The way I look at it is if I do a market or even a showcase market on Facebook and don’t make a lot of sales it’s still getting my business recognised. It also helps to network with other handmade businesses. A lot of my regular customers are fellow handmaidens that appreciate the time and love put into each unique creation.

 What drives you to create?

Some days I wake up with fresh ideas and just want to get stuck into it. I get inspired by lots of things, usually when I start cleaning up my work space I find something and start creating again.

What is coming up next?

Being a hairdresser by trade I’ve dabbled into hair pieces of late, my focus is bridal. I love all things pretty and vintage, so I’m really enjoying experimenting with and working alongside brides to create a unique piece for their special day. Since expanding into different avenues I’m working towards a new logo and simplify my name to “Gorgeous”.

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