Thursday, 18 September 2014


Today I was alone.

I wasn't actually really alone. There were people everywhere.

I had an appointment in the city and so took myself to it on the train and then met up with husband and the children for lunch in the city afterwards. The appointment ended up only taking half an hour of the expected 90 minutes and overall I spent over three hours alone. This is unusual because I have two small children and the youngest is breastfed, I can't go too far from him. And when I do go out alone I have an agenda, a plan, things to get done.

It was weird.

I talked about myself. To an adult. Without being interrupted.
I wandered aimlessly.
I strolled into shops just because they looked interesting.
I browsed. I observed. I thought.
I realised they way that people in the city dress is not the way that people in the suburbs dress.

It's funny how a kind of isolation can sneak up on you. Not that I don't get out much, on the contrary, I use my free weekdays to socialise with a lot of friends who have a day off, or just a lunch break off. Sometimes I feel as if I'm flat out. But I always have at least one child in tow and my brain is in mum mode.

It was an interesting morning. Not in a good way, not in a bad way, just in an interesting way.

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