Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Playmates

If you've been reading this Blog for a while, you would know that over 2012 and 2013, I had two little girls to look after - my daughter and her three-month-older best friend (currently Misses 3 and 3.5). I've talked about how this came about in a previous post and Miss 3.5's father has also talked about the child sharing arrangement, but in essence when I am at work, both girls are at Miss 3.5's house and then when Miss 3.5's mother is at work, both girls are at my house.

This year, I am at home with our new baby, so although the girls are attending the same preschool and having play days, we are not running our formal child sharing arrangement. However, because we are totally brilliant at planning and co-coordinating things (or just through coincidence), both families fell pregnant with number two at around the same time and Miss 3.5's mother will be at home this year too. And about three weeks ago, Miss 3.5 welcomed her little brother into the world.

Photo borrowed from Miss 3.5's father.

The current plan is to resume child sharing in 2015, so although there'll be less Miss 3.5 on here this year, next year you'll be seeing both Miss 3.5 and her little brother.

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