Thursday, 24 January 2013

Toddler Art: Rainbow of Hearts

As a crafty mum looking for new ideas to keep the "twins" entertained, my favourite Blog is 'No Time For Flash Cards'. The other morning I got up and read this post about a rainbow wall and thought, "Let's do that!". So we did.

I stuck some contact paper, sticky side out, on the bathroom wall and drew a rainbow on it.

And I cut lots of hearts out of coloured paper.

Then I asked the girls to stick the hearts on the right coloured line. They thought it was fantastic!

I was suprised at how good Miss 2 and Miss 2.5 were at getting the colours all matched up.

Eventually we ran out of hearts and I was yelled at until I had cut up a lot more. And then they just went crazy sticking them everywhere.

What fun!


  1. That's so clever!

    Hey I accidently found a fantastic website for you for crafty kids time:

    Toys from Trash:

    It's a whole lot of tutorials from Indian (?) kids. Really lovely but lots of great ideas too!
    They are probably a bit little for all of them just yet, but some interesting stuff.

    x L

    1. Wow! Just checked it out, *lots* of fun stuff. Will explore more.