Thursday, 20 December 2012

Toddler Facial Features

I've been playing this game with Miss 2 and Miss 1.5 where I draw a circle on the blackboard or whiteboard and then they tell me what facial features to add. It's been a really interesting study of what a two-year-old thinks are important.

In this picture, the "twins" told me to add eyes, a mouth (sad), cheeks, a nose and hair. Then "bye, bye" and the face was erased.

In this one, they wanted eyes, mouth (sad), cheeks, eyebrows and hair.

And in this one, eyes, mouth (happy... no! sad), cheeks, ears, hair and balloon!

My favourite: eyes, mouth (happy), ears, elbows and walk... haha!


  1. Very cool and simple activity. I think my three year old would like it, and I also think it would work with my older child when we talk about empathy.

    1. Glad you like the idea. Hope that your kids have fun!