Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Toy Boys

Speaking of a crafty family, my father-in-law (Peter) and his brother-in-law (Rod) are The Toy Boys. They make wooden toys, which they sell at markets in Victoria. Miss 1.5 is looked after by Grandpa Peter each Wednesday and she puts a lot of effort into road testing his toys.

When I was pregnant, Peter promised the new baby a name train, but proposed that the baby be named something with three letters, like Amy. We, of course, chose a name with 10 letters. I'm planning something longer, with hyphens and accents, for the next baby because I'm not a nice person.

For her six month birthday, Miss 1.5 got a prototype stacker clown which has stood up to being chewed (by both children and dogs) and is a great educational toy.

Pull-along toys are one of Miss 1.5's favourites, so she got a pull-along dog. I think that it needs ears...

A very spoiled little girl, she also has a pink small car.

... a dog jigsaw...

... and an elephant jigsaw. Thank you, Grandpa!

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