Friday, 12 October 2012

Operation Christmas Child

I came across Operation Christmas Child at 'One Crafty Mumma' a couple of weeks ago. How have I not come across this before? It's a lovely idea.

If you haven't come across it before, this is a worldwide operation that's been running since 1993 where you fill a shoe box with gifts for a child and drop it off at a collection centre (they're all over the country). In Australia, our gifts then go to South East Asia and the South Pacific. The gifts should be something to love, for school, to wear, to play with, for personal hygiene and something special.

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Last week, Miss 1.5 (at the time, Miss 1) and I went off with a $20 budget for each box to find gifts. We decided to pack gifts for a girl and a boy about the same age as Misses 1.5 and 2, since we know quite well what they like. Miss 1.5 did most of the picking - she chose teddys to love, textas for school, t-shirts to wear, rubber ducks to play with, hair ties and combs for personal hygiene, and special sparkly foam stickers. Back at home, I wrapped some shoe boxes and wrote a letter to go inside them and Misses 1.5 and 2 loaded them up with gifts.

What I loved about this was how excited they were to pack up a present for someone else. I was imagining that two toddlers would take the toys themselves and that I would have a fight on my hands getting them back, but they were very receptive to the whole idea.

Do you want to get onboard? Collection is by 25th October to ensure Christmas delivery, so start packing now.

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