Thursday, 13 September 2012

My soon-to-be ex garden

For the last four years we have been living in my parents' house. One of the joys of the house is also a curse - a massive suburban garden. When I was pregnant, the garden was severely out of control, but over 2011 I bashed it into shape and it was looking quite lovely.

This year, the garden has been a little more neglected, but not a total loss, for three reasons:

(1) I have been back at work. This cuts down on the amount of free rambling time that I have.
(2) On-again, off-again builders. When people are throwing bits of rubble on your garden and stomping on it, it's at little demoralising.
(3) Our impending move. Since we'll be leaving very soon, I've lost a bit of motivation.

Currently, half of the garden is gorgeous...

... and the other half is overgrown.

There didn't seem to be much point in a spring veggie patch, so there are only the three raspberry bushes, blueberry bush, grape and passionfruit vines, rosemary plant, parsley patch, two resilient leeks, and a lot of well mulched soil.

But spring is here and being outside in the dirt is so much fun!

Miss 1 and I decided to re-pot and renew our herbs, ready to take with us to our new house.

The sorrel was severely pot bound.

The newly updated herb garden has two different oregano plants, Vietnamese mint, basil, chives, two bay plants, strawberries, lemon thyme and regular thyme, mint, sorrel, two different chilli plants, coriander, rosemary, curly leaf parsely and flat leaf parsley.

I have a bunch of heritage seeds and poppy seeds, as well as some herb and vegetable seeds dried from last season. Perhaps I can plant those in pots too...

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