Thursday, 6 September 2012

Live. Laugh. Love.

In Mount Gambier, I discovered that my sister-in-law's motto (and decorating style) is "live, love, laugh", which is a great! A selection of inspiring decorations around her house (apparently I missed some shot glasses, and the tattoo):

I've been browsing madeit and Australian stores on Etsy to discover more "live, love, laugh" creations and supplies. Firstly, because I think that I'm beginning to develop a bit of an interest in washi tape (I'm just not sure what I'll do with it yet...), The Stationery Room has a range of goodies, including some "live, love, laugh" tape.

Live Laugh Love Paper Tape by The Stationery Room

There are lots of lovely "live, love, laugh" cards out there. I like the elegant ones from Pinnacle Design Studio.

Live Laugh Love Designer Greeting Card by Pinnacle Design Studio

Jewellery is also a good option. Jen's Jewellery has an effective stamped copper bar pendant. 

Copper slab pendant by Jen's Jewellery

You can even "live, love, laugh" your garden! Kabwares flatten spoons and then handstamp them for use as garden markers. I'm actually thinking that I might need to get some of these to label my herbs and vegetables when I get my new garden.

Live. Love. Laugh Garden Markers by Kabwares

Whatsy-Dots create wooden signs with burned in lettering (and some extra embellishments too) for decorating the garden, which are cute.

"Live Laugh Love" Sign by Whatsy-Dots

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