Thursday, 29 August 2013

Renovating House: Kicking Renovation Goals

A couple of months ago, I Blogged happily about the fact that I have a functioning bathroom, which just needed painting. About a week after this, we realised that the shower was leaking out of the corners and had five or so return visits from the builder to attempt to find the problem (as well as some tradie visits to replace a feature tile that had been put in upside-down and the carpet that had been pulled up). Since work was still on-going in the bathroom, we focussed on other rooms in the house.

We painted the hallway (still need to paint the cupboard doors) and moved in a three-foot tetra tank that we "inherited" from my mother. Unfortunately, no before shot, but here's a photo of me in my jammies up a ladder taping the walls for painting, aided by a small child:

And after:

Next we painted the study and moved in our other three-foot tropical tank, which currently houses a large black ghost knife fish, three Australian rainbowfish and a large bristle-nosed catfish. Big, big thanks to my brother who had been babysitting all of the fish until we were ready for them to move in. Still to be attacked in the study is the renovation of the wardrobe/media cupboard, and the addition of a bookcase, as well as painting the door.


And after:

(Like the tree? I'll tell you more about it in another post...).

Outside, we've been pottering in the garden over winter, but the big change is that with some friends, we chopped down five trees that were either rotten or growing too close together. There's a bit of loss of privacy at the front of the house at the moment, but that will be resolved with replacement trees and an actual garden out the front. Hurrah!

Hello, Spring...

Follow the history of our move in November last year and the renovations to our house.

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