Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chez ma mère

We have just returned from five days visiting my parents in Queensland. Since we don't visit all that often, one of the fascinating things is exploring their house to hunt out my mother's latest creations.

My mother, Pat from Patapan Art, is retired and therefore has a lot of time to dedicate to exploring different artistic techniques. I have Blogged about her before, when she had work in an exhibition at the Brisbane Institute of Art and she Blogs frequently about what she is working on at the moment. We spent time going through her current folio and pieces that have been filed away and looking at half-finished works, but poking around to find the artworks, old and new, that she has on display was great too.

A quick tour of the house.

Quilts and handmade cushions in the entrance way.

Tapestries scattered throughout the living room and into the bedroom.

A beautiful Japanese quilt on the bed and acrylic paintings on the walls.

Birds in the art room.

An embroidery in the spare room.

A paper quilt of bugs hanging in the toilet.

A bag on the back of a chair.

Paintings scattered in the corners.

A knitted doll, complete with clothing options (all of which, of course, Miss 2 wanted to dress the doll in at the same time) and felt hares that had multiplied like... rabbits.

The wonderful thing about my mother having the time to explore so many different crafts is that she can then merge the techniques together. It means her house is a joy to visit, that each artwork is interesting and you never know what she is going to create next.

Do visit her Blog to see more of her artwork.


  1. Thanks for the compliments, Kaetoo!

    1. Ha ha! You've used up all my compliments for the whole year now. It's only downhill from here ;-D