Thursday, 20 September 2012

Toddler Art - Adventures With Bottle Caps

What exciting things can we do with a box full of bottle caps?

Monsters and Ladybirds
I did some searching and found Crafts by Amanda who made some cute ladybirds and monsters out of caps. This looked like something that the girls could do. We pulled out our bottle caps...

... and all got a texta to draw on the bugs and faces. Miss 1, of course, wanted the permanent marker, but Miss 1.5 and our neighbour, Miss L, were happy with washable markers.

I decided that glue was a bit too dangerous for two people under 2, so I put blu tack on the back of the googly eyes.

The sticking phase went well...

... until Miss 1 decided that she would rather pull the blu tack off the backs of the eyes.

After we have finished putting on all the eyes, I glued them into place. They looked very cute and I thought that the girls would have fun playing with them.

Miss 1 had fun pulling the eyes off them. Perhaps an activity for when the girls are older then.

Another fun game was learning letters. Miss 1.5 is getting very good at her letters, but writing them on the blackboard can get a bit boring. I put sticky letters on the caps and laid them out for some letter hunting.

Miss 1.5 and I hunted for letters for quite a long time. She is very fond of the letter 'A'.

Miss 1 came over to join in. She was very fond of peeling the letters off the bottle caps. I sense a common theme here.

Still, the point was to have fun and they certainly did that.


  1. Soooo fun! So glad you guys had a good time! I have shared your post on my Facebook fan page :)

    1. Thanks, Amanda. You have some great ideas.

  2. Thanks for the idea - looks like a lot of fun! I'll be saving a few more bottle caps from the recycling bin this week! :-)
    -visiting from notimeforflashcards link-up.

  3. What a great way to reuse bottle caps! We always have those.